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About Us

Ông Lê Minh Hậu : Giám đốc

1. Established Le Gia Phat Hi -Tech Co., Ltd
Le Gia Phat High Technology Company Limited (LGP Hi -Tech Co., Ltd.) was established on July 13, 2015 under the license number 0313344249 of the Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City. This is the crystallization of ideas, knowledge and skills for many years in many high-tech fields of Founding Council.

2.The concept of our success
Success with partners, collaboration grows together
Success on the basis of bringing satisfaction to customers through the products and services that we provide.
“Get 1 million benefits through serving 1 million customers”

3. Our mission
Bring to customers high technology products and solutions, useful, leading of the era.
Towards customer satisfaction with enthusiasm, wisdom, knowledge and experience.
Bring prosperity to the company, customers and partners.

4. Our vision
Become one of the “Top 5” companies in the field of activity, loved by customers.
Become a reliable partner of local and foreign suppliers.

5.Current main business lines
The importer and distributor of exclusive products of bluechemGROUP-GERMANY in Vietnam.
From August 2015, Le Gia Phat Hi-Tech Co., Ltd is appointed by bluechemGROUP as an importer and distributor in Vietnam.

6. The beginning with bluechemGROUP
From the end of December 2014, we and the bluechemGROUP of Asia Representative conducted surveys, studies and evaluations on the Vietnamese market. By the end of May 2015, bluechemGROUP, with our support, participated in the first product exhibition at the International Exhibition Center – SECC, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Subsequently, import and distribution agreements were discussed and agreed upon.
In August 2015, the first bluechem products were distributed by Le Gia Phat Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. Over 2 years of operation, we have had the initially success in marketing and distributing bluechem branded products. Our results are highly appreciated by bluechemGROUP and they continue to support us develop the Vietnamese market.

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